Beginning 10K run training

This morning I got up at 6am and ran 2.86Km in 16.48 mins. An average pace of 5.52 mins/km. (I’ve only been working in km’s temporarily while I think about training for a 10K so a bit confused as to what this means). Soooo, if I kept to that pace I’d run 10K in just over 55mins. Okaay. I’d be happy with that..that was about as fast as I ran my last 10K (over ten years ago!). But, I found that run quite hard today. I’d call that a tempo run I suppose I’m not sure I would be able to sustain that pace for another 7 and a bit KM! (well I certainly couldn’t at the moment, I was pretty much running flat out and with sprint finsh). Will 8(plus) weeks of training make the difference?! I feel like I have got a long way to go.

Nutrition wise I’ve fallen a bit (a lot!?) off the wagon today. I’m blaming the blackbean brownies. Sugarfree they may be (oh, except a sneaky added sachet of Jacqui’s vanilla sugar from France…and all the chocolate chips!!!!..they are not sugar free!! it must mean ‘table’ (actual grains of!) sugarfree,,anyway there is a LOAD of maplesyrup (delicious, caramelly, real, pure (expensive!!) maple syrup purchased to assist with up and coming detox) in there too. Sugar substitute! (Sugar detox person would not agree to this!) I blame it for making me crave more and more and more (and my lack of will power, I know!) and for then buying (and helping boys eat) a packet of sour worms at the till in superdrug argghhhhhh! and then a jammy dodger at mums. and then a packet of sea salt and balsamic vinegar crisps for tea (with more brownie!) sigh
Yep, off the wagon and in the dirt! (and I had cheese with my houmous and veg for lunch) rubbish eating day!
Feel too tired (/lazy/defeated) now to exercise and only had 6 and a bit hours sleep last night. (AND I WANT 8!! I do!!) So going to pack up for my beach adventure tomorrow (eeek! roadtrip! taking the boys and Jenna to Camber Sands. Excited..little bit scared!) and really try to be asleep by 10pm. Goodnight readers!

oh a few links related to my 10K/Marathon training plans that I’m researching
I need to get booked onto a race/run or two soon! Email SJ (in Nicaragua šŸ™‚ and then book us on


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