Blackbean brownies!

These are awesome!!

Thank you chocolate covered Katie!  I have been trying to cut out gluten as much as possible from mine and the boys diets.  I first tried this recipe back in March for Albie’s birthday party after coming across the recipe and happening to have most of the ingredients in the cupboard. And it’s yummy! And easy! 🙂 very easy! all ingredients straight into the blender – no bowl even required. (and I have a minute blender bought for baby food prep and it fits in!) And they are healthy! 🙂  I may have overdone it slightly on the maple syrup measurement last night (another thing I love is that amounts are kind of approximate…tip in a bit of this, a bit of need to waste time measuring out exact quantities on the scales.  This is my kind of fun, relaxed, quick baking!)

Anyway, I would be photographing these delicious decadant healthy treats had I not lost mislaid both my phone and camera.  And also the fact that mine don’t look as pretty as Katies.  I don’t have the correct size baking tray, so mine are kind of flat looking!  they still taste so delish I am finding it hard to save some for our beach picnic tomorrow, but they are probably not so photogenic.  I’m sure I will be baking them again soon. Although they probably don’t go with my weight loss plan even though they have all good ingredients, they are not calorie free and I need to stop snacking.

Aside – I think I have been eating gluten free for about 2 weeks? Am I making that up? I need to check my calendar.  Keeping track of my nutrition and training on here going forward.


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