Exercise + eating well + gratitude = MAGIC :)

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I have forgotten to post/been on holiday/been busy…actually just forgot that I am now a blogger.
Just thinking today that I am CONVINCED of the link between exercise (exercise especially, but also eating healthily and sleeping enough and generally looking after ourselves and living simply – for me they all go together and I find if I am not exercising I am not doing any of the other things either!)and happiness!
I’m not saying ‘you run, you will be happy’ but I do believe wholeheartedly that if you are feeling down & depressed, finding it hard to cope with life, then you MUST make yourself exercise and you will feel BETTER! Your problems will not be solved. Your life will not have changed. But I believe – chemically/hormonally/ whatever it is that goes on when we exercise you will be able to cope better with your situation and what life is throwing at you. You may still feel sad, lonely, stressed, overwhelmed, lost. But you will feel better! And it’s a start! And something that is (relatively – I know forcing yourself to get out there when you just want to crawl under the duvet isn’t easy..but the actual process of going for a run – or begin at a walk!) EASY! It’s something tangeable that you can do that WILL help with your mental health. AND ITS AN UPWARD SPIRAL! I know how I feel, and people I love feel when we slip into the habit of not exercising (too busy, too stressed, too ill) and then you want to eat a huge packet of kettle chips while you fester on the sofa and then you feel worse and then you eat a……..and then you feel too yuck to exercise. So today I just wanted to say. MAKE YOURSELF do something. Even if it is a 15 minute jog, a twenty minute walk, hold the plank for a minute, do 50 star jumps, ten plies. Just something. You will be pleased you did.




Oh and gratitude is another fabulous tool to get you out of the doldrums – if you feel like you have nothing to be thankful for and you are in a terrible mood where EVERYTHING in your life is just crap. MaKE yourself write 2 things that you are thankful for today before you go to bed. force yourself. I have done this when I really was feeling the opposite of gratitude. I almost felt like the things I was writing were lies, my heart wasn’t in it AT ALL. But it still worked! I still felt a little bit better from going through that process. That is the truth. You can trick your mind into feeling differently. Its like magic 🙂 Your feelings are formed by what you are thinking about and you have the power to change your thoughts. So use that power and make some magic.

Today I am thankful that I have a wonderful Mummy and Daddy and Brother and Sister who live close enough that I can visit them often.
I am also very thankful that I have a comfortable bed to sleep in. and with that thought. Night Night X x X


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